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Rustic Moods

Location: Raheja Viva, Pirangut, Pune.

Project brief: A 2 BHK Townhouse converted into a weekend getaway and party place perfect for music lovers, equipped with a performance stage and top-of-the-line sound system for enjoyable jamming sessions.
The client, Mr. Jayant Pathak, is a childhood friend of Principal Architect Manish Shah, with whom he shares a lot of memories. This close bond of friendship has helped us in better understanding the lifestyle and tastes of our client. This ultimately reflected in the design output and our client is extremely happy with the same. The rustic decor complements the beautiful natural surroundings around the property. The use of materials like bricks, rough wood along with textured walls create an ambience perfect for hosting parties.

Built up area: 1200.00 sq.ft.

Project completion: Jan 2021 to July 2021

Urhe House

Location: Talegaon, Pune.

Project brief: It is a proud feeling when your old client approaches you again after 10 years to renovate his bungalow as per his changed requirements. We had designed this bungalow and its interior in 2007-08 on a compact plot. The client wanted to face-lift the house and change the interiors as per his current requirements and social status and we designed it to suit his stature.
The ground floor is entirely renovated, whereas old furniture is retained in the two bedrooms on the first floor. We have tried to achieve a modern, contemporary and luxurious ambiance throughout the interior.

Built up area: 3000.00 sq.ft.

Project completion: November 2018

Brick House

Location: Rohan Kritika, Sinhgad Road, Pune.

Project brief: A modern interior of a 3 BHK apartment designed by Manish Shah & Associates for Mr. Sachin & Mrs. Yuvati Kurmude. A natural brick cladded wall is the focal point of the entire house. The whole theme revolves around this wall giving a rustic feel to the family sit-out, Dining & Living area. The bedrooms are designed as per individual user’s taste. Overall a modern, rustic & decent ambience is created to suit their lifestyle.

Built up area: 220.00 sq.ft.

Project duration: June 2018 to November 2018

Jain Residence

Location: Mahindra Antheia, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune.

Project brief: A modern interior of a 3 BHK apartment designed by Manish Shah & Associates for Mr. Jivender Jain. The flat is designed for a young couple & their two sons’. The interior is designed to suit their lifestyle & likings. The overall color scheme & use of materials create a modern ambience. The son’s room enjoy few warm colors on white background whereas the Living room has typical classy brown & white décor. The parent’s room has a subtle beige color scheme whereas the master bedroom has soothing grey theme.

Built up area: 1800.00 sq.ft.

Project duration: April 2018 to October 2018

The Batten House

Location: Mukundnagar, Pune.

Project brief: A contemporary theme with an overall open plan is the main aspect of design. The overall design stands out because of the - modern interiors with a sense of luxury in terms of ambience & use of materials. In the entrance lobby a semi opens wooden batten partition provides a sense of linearity & a visual-barrier creating privacy in the living room. The appropriate & balance use of colors & textures provides a simple yet rich atmosphere. The Entrance gives us a view into the luxurious open spaced living area which follows the contemporary theme. Undulating white merges into a rich brown to create a classy atmosphere in the master bedroom. Whereas there is a use of bold, line, color pattern & textures in the sons & daughters’ room which reflects their personalities. The family room & the terrace enjoy a rustic atmosphere.

Built up area: 3000.00 sq.ft.

Project duration: May 2017 to November 2017

An Artist’s Home

Client: Mr. Chakor Shah & Mrs. Asmita Shah

Location: Bhosalenagar, Pune.

Project brief: Challenges Welcome is our punchline..and it's always a challenge to design different projects for different people with different personalities & different requirements. This particular project was certainly different as we had to design interiors of An Artist's home. A versatile Artist, painter, sculptor, potter & her husband & kids who have the same Eye & taste. The challenge was to create a simple yet classy ambiance which can provide a good backdrop for her artwork without overpowering her art & the same time not creating an art gallery effect. Here is the final output showing the balance between art & interiors...!!

Built up area: 2500.00 sq.ft.

Project duration: March 2015 to November 2015

Bhosale House

Location: Prabhat Road, Pune.

Project brief: Renovation of a 3bhk unit in a single building apartment in one of the elite residential area of pune. Few spaces in interior are designed in rustic finishes to compliment the agricultural background of client.

Built up area: 1800.00 sq.ft.

Project duration: Jan 2015 to June 2015

Tupe House

Location: Baramati, Pune.

Project brief: Tupe house stands with clean aesthetics and functionality. The interior is designed in simple & modernist way to suit industrialist client’s personality. Warm colors and use of veneers have maintained a classy look. Use of two lighter shades of paint for double height space is dramatically converting the massive height into interesting interior space. Use of veneers, decorative wall panels, leather panels, wall coverings, wall paints altogether have gained this classy appearance. Indirect lighting is used to highlight spaces and to create a warm ambience.

Built up area: 3600.00 sq.ft.

Project duration: Feb 2015 to Sept 2015


Location: Baramati, Pune.

Project brief: Shanti Niwas is a bold and contemporary piece of design on a white pallet. Exteriors and interiors go parallel. White backdrop is done everywhere to maintain classy look of house. Entering through entrance room with all bold veneers takes us to en elegant living area which has warm oranges and yellows with bold veneers over white backdrop. The bold dashes of veneers, theme of autumn leaves have been used everywhere forming an interesting background. Natural stone cladded staircase creates rustic look. Bold colors used for master and children’s room create interesting spaces to relax.

Built up area: 4500.00 sq.ft.

Project duration: January 2014 to Oct 2014

Vaidya House

Location: Sus Road,Pune.

Project brief: A 3bhk flat on 9th floor overlooking the highway in a township owned by a young couple working in IT field. The interior is designed in a complete way to suit their age & professional background.

Built up area: 1500.00 sq.ft.

Project duration: Oct 2013 to March 2014

Show Flat – 33 Keshavkunj

Client: Crystal Properties

Location: Keshavnagar, Mundhava , Pune.

Project brief: A show flat with a simple and minimal approach & budget constraints to suit the overall project demand. Single brown veneer along with white is used throughout the flat to maintain the simple yet classy look all around.

Built up area: 1500.00 sq.ft.

Project duration: March 2014 to Oct 2014

Mr. Virang Shah

Location: Baramati.

Project brief: Shah house is designed with a trendy touch. Use of bold veneers & warm colors in interiors blend with the overall architectural expression of the house. The specially designed wall mural in the living room visually enhances the grand double height space.

Built up area: 3600.00 sq.ft.

Project duration: Jan 2014 to July 2014

Challenges Welcome   

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